• Donations

    We offer several ways to support to work of Chapman's Dachshund Rescue.

  • General Donations

    Donations to our general operating funds are extremely appreciated. Funds are used for vetting new dogs, taking care of existing dogs, buying food, maintaining and upgrading facilities, and enabling adoptions. Your automatic monthly donation makes it easier for us to budget and manage the kennel to best serve as many adoptees as possible!

  • Grant A Wish

    Would you like to shop for us? We keep an Amazon Wish List. Click below to visit our list and surprise us by granting a wish for us.

  • Would you like a cool dachshund themed shirt?

    SunFrog donates 35% of each purchase to Chapman's if you visit through our link!

  • Donate By Check

    Please make checks payable to:
    "Chapman's Dachshund Rescue"
    and mail them to:
    Chapman's Dachshund Rescue
    1200 Chambers Rd.
    York, SC 29745

  • GivingGrid - Special Needs Fundraiser

    Participate in our special fundraiser for rescues needing extensive vet care

  • Donate for vet care

    Payments can made directly to our vet by credit card over the phone.

    Ask to make a payment under our account - Chapman's Dachshund Rescue.

    Clover Vet Clinic

  • Special Thanks

    Thank you One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning for supporting us through 'Wilson's Moment of Good' and for assistance optimizing the heating and cooling of our rescue and kennels!

  • Non-Profit Status Notice: Chapman's Dachshund Rescue is a registered non-profit in good standing in the State of South Carolina. We have not received IRS 501(c)(3) designation however we will seek retroactive tax deductibility for all donations received prior to IRS determination once the IRS approves our 501(c)(3) application. This is not a guarantee that the IRS will grant our request. Please consult your tax advisor for help with deducting donations to us.