• Rebuild Update, September 2019

    All adoptions require a completed and approved adoption application prior to any visit or discussion about adoption. >Please complete it here<


    Up & Running...

    We are back up and running on limited capacity basis. We have been given guidance as to how we can build and operate within what local planning is willing to accept. This guidance differs substantially from our long established use but we've got to keep pushing forward.


    The 2300 sq ft steel building shell we purchased soon after the fire remains unerected it due differences of opinion over zoning with the county.


    Short version on the steel building: The county wanted us to spend upwards of $400,000 (money we don't have) in order to turn the rescue portion of the property into what amounts to a commercial storefront. This differs from both our vision for the property and how we believe rescues operate best. As such, the steel building will remain sitting until we receive help from the county council to get more realistic zoning worked out or someone makes us an offer to buy the shell for another purpose (at which point, we'll use the funds for other needs of the rescue).


    With the changes to the rebuild, we're not able to offer on-site boarding at Chapman's now... but we have a solution to that. Keep reading.


    We continue raising funds to complete the rebuild. You can find information on the Donate page.


    The Pet Village...

    Recently, the families of Erika Abrams and Gina Chapman partnered to purchase The Pet Village, a well known, long running pet store in Rock Hill, SC. The transaction is unrelated to Chapman's Dachshund Rescue but provides some exciting options for local Chapman's adoptees.


    Under Erika and Gina's leadership, The Pet Village has transformed to exclusively offer affordable luxury grooming and cageless boarding. In the future, The Pet Village will offer adoption events and share a portion of its net profits with the rescue. They are already hosting adoption meet-and-greets for approved adoption applicants. If you follow us on Facebook, you might have noticed their location in the background of recent Happy Hound Tails posts (like the one embedded below).


    The Pet Village is able to offer cageless boarding and grooming to all Chapman's friends and adoptive families. Their rates closely mirror what we were charging for boarding at the rescue. This fills the gap for pet parents needing local boarding - since we're now unable offer this service ourselves. While not officially affiliated with or financially tied to Chapman's Dachshund Rescue, The Pet Village is a trusted partner and we look forward to seeing their business grow. Their website is: https://www.pet-village.com/

  • Donate to help us rebuild...

    If you want to send PayPal funds as "friends and family" use email address:

  • Donate By Mail

    Please make checks and money orders payable to:
    "Chapman's Dachshund Rescue"
    and mail them to:
    Chapman's Dachshund Rescue
    1200 Chambers Rd.
    York, SC 29745

  • Chapman's Dachshund Rescue

    We're a dachshund rescue and doxie hotel! Situated on 13 acres, our facility spans over 3200 sq ft, including 8 doggie rooms, and 7 nice sized fenced yards. We're in York, SC - just a short drive southwest from the Charlotte, NC metro area.


    REMINDER: NO VISITS TO THE PROPERTY ARE ALLOWED WITHOUT AN ADVANCE APPPOINTMENT. Please text or call 803-792-2473 to schedule an appointment. We require a completed and accepted application on file from all prospective pet parents before you will be allowed to schedule an appointment.

  • Testimonials

    A few words from some of our Chapman's adoptive parents

    Alder is doing great and here's a picture of him graduating from his first puppy class. ~Ryan

    Allie is so sweet and mannerly. She seemed comfortable right away and has made us her own. Thank you so much for taking such good care of her and all the dogs! ~Jennifer

    Couldn't ask for a better fit! She great. Thanks for such a sweet, sweet girl. ~Julia

    We are loving little miss "Tillie". She has blended right into our household. ~Shannon

    Einstein is doing great and loves being here with our family. ~Sarah

    Tinker and Gus are in my lap every chance they get. Love these puppies!!! ~Valerie

    Thankful for such a perfect little dachshund! She is settling in so nicely. No accidents or mishaps! ~Julia